Anyone who is a member of the CA fellowship is welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Be of service by getting involved.

Area Service Committee Information

Wisconsin Area Service Committee
Meets: 3rd Tuesday of the month
6229 W. Forest Home Ave. 53220 - Downstairs
Zoom ID# 494 104 7073

Wisconsin Area Chair: Antonio N. 414-943-4416
Parliamentarian: Luis R.414-588-0933

Area Treasurer: Laurie S. 414-875-7330

Central Office Committee:
Christina M.414-514-5399

Public Information Committee:
Chair: MIke S. 414-544-6246
Co-Chair: Bobbie M 414-416-6534
Webmaster: Jim R

Hospitals & Institutions Committee:
For more info and contact info click here!
Chair: Jennifer B. 262-422-9714
Co-Chair: Angela L. 414-731-2378

Delegate Committee:

Meets: 1st Sunday of the month @ 11am on
ZOOM: ID494 104 7073

Delegate: Tina R. 414-687-3379
Delegate: Michael A. 414-837-4447
Alternate Delegates: OPEN POSITION
Alternate Delegates: OPEN POSITION

GSR Orientation Meeting:
Meets: 1st Sunday of the month @ 11am on
ZOOM: ID494 104 7073

Wisconsin Area Convention Committee:
Chair: Cary S. 414-439-1170

Chips & Literature Committee:
Chair: Cole 414-852-6922
Co-Chair: Michele N. 414-791-5207

Unity /Special Events Committee:
Committee Meeting Info Here(Get Involved)!

Chair: Quin B. 414.550.5633
Co-Chair: John K. 262-501-9135
Co-Chair: Lee M. 414-708-6438

Retreat Committee:
Chair: Danny N. 414-322-7862
Co-Chair: Donna K. 414-651-2683

Finance Committee:



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